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Cultural, Societal economic and changes create a need for a different approach to learning. Globalisation, has increased international interdependence, forcing students to be focused on core competencies. An Obsolete Educational Environment prevents students from getting practically enriched.

We provide a system where teachers and students are open to new opportunities in the field of education and are adaptable to the changes in the learning methods. When we think about the word Education, we often only tend to think of the formal education that happens in primary, secondary, high schools & colleges, however this is not the only form of education needed.

Traditional systems rely on old methods of learning, an emphasis on explicit (Bookish) knowledge rather than tactic (Skill & Value based) knowledge. In contrast to explicit knowledge, which helps us ‘know what’, tactic knowledge can be understood as ‘know how’. Tactic knowledge  is acquired by addressing real problems and comes with practice, it relates to experiences, ideals, intuition, values, creative thinking, emotions, skills and attitudes. Hence Tactic knowledge in education is the GAME CHANGER.

With the vision of providing the students with practical know how, i.e. value based Tactic knowledge & developing their skill sets LULLA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE (LSCF) offers  unique work integrated learning experience programs.

Our Philosophy

We Follow The Five “D’s”


LSCF's Principle

Imparting Value Based Education

Value Based Education helps to develop the Head – Heart -and Hands

1. Head – for Knowledge
2. Heart – Character
3. Hands – Skill and Application

The End of Education is Character.

Pedagogy at LSCF

Unique Teaching Methodology

Our Educational pedagogy designed and implemented to ensure that all the graduates are well versed with the skill sets which will lifelong assist them to be successful in the professional as well personal life. LSCF has a aim to make graduates;

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Come and visit us at our well designed Centre of Learning. The place where the vibe itself says lets get ahead and make it happen. 

Programs we Offer

We offer different undergraduate and Post Graduate programs in the field of Commerce and Finance. For details on our courses contact us today.

Industry Exposure

Network with Industry Experts while undergoing your Education. Enrich your future today.