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LSCF Commerce College, counted amongst the best in Vadodara helps students of commerce do well in their chosen career.

Essential Job Readiness Skills For B
In India, unemployment is a big issue. Hence, it is extremely important to develop skills that are useful while you are looking for a job or you are doing a job.
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Professionalism in India-Misunderstood-Lulla School of Commerce and Finance
THINK??? Is it necessary to do a stressful Professional course like CA or CS if you want to be a true professional or to successful in the field of commerce education…? Instead of doing such stressful professional courses like CA and CS. Can’t your GRADUATION be done PROFESSIONALLY in a stress-free manner…? Why cannot there...
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Preparing Skilled Professional For Future-Lulla School of Commerce and Finance
The skill gap is considered as one of the biggest problems, India is facing today. We see a million graduates passing every year but in terms of employment the results are very low or not satisfactory. Industries often complain about graduates not being job ready and academicians have also voiced their opinions about the nonexistent...
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PROFESSIONAL LEARNING Cultural, economic and societal change creates a need for different approaches to education and learning. Globalization, which is increasing international interdependence rapidly, leads to obsolescence of old knowledge and at the same time requires constant acquisition of new knowledge, which means that teachers and students alike must be open to new opportunities in...
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THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN INDIA HAPPY LEARNING EXPERIENCE OR A PASSIVE STRESS ENCOUNTER? One of the most sensitive issues which is overlooked is whether the student is happy while taking education or encountering a passive stressful situation. COMMERCE  EDUCATION IN GUJARAT Commerce education is no exception, in fact field of commerce education is one of...
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