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Challenges In Education System


HAPPY LEARNING EXPERIENCE OR A PASSIVE STRESS ENCOUNTER? One of the most sensitive issues which is overlooked is whether the student is happy while taking education or encountering a passive stressful situation.


Commerce education is no exception, in fact field of commerce education is one of the biggest area of worry as compared to other field of education.

Major Problems in the field of commerce education.

  • Lack of skill-based learning system as entire emphasis on bookish knowledge
  • Lack of value based learning system as focus only on academics
  • Lacks practical application of knowledge as there is no system based learning.
  • Lacks of Soft Skill Development.
  • Problem of Educated Un-Employment.


  • Say for example, out of 1,00,000 student seeking education in the commerce field , there would be 30,000 students enrolling for Professional Courses such as C.A./C.S./C.W.A. along with their graduation.
  • Out of these 30,000 students only 90 students on an average get qualified with a professional degree.
  • Yes you read it right, let’s try and understand.
  • Say if 30,000 students appear for CPT (Entrance Exam for C.A. Course), considering the pass % (20%) only 6000 student will reach IPCC which the second level of the course and further considering the IPCC pass % (15%) only 900 students will reach C.A. Final which is the third level. If the Final pass % is (10%) then only 90 Student will qualify to be C.A./C.S./C.W.A. in the first attempt. Hence if we work out a passing % then in that case it is 0.30% .
  • The unqualified 29,910 students eventually either give another go at the exams or else end up sacrificing their career goals and in the end are in the same position as that of the students not perusing professional courses. Another 20,000 students, who even though do graduation in the field of commerce still simultaneously go for some other courses such as fashion designing, animations etc which are not related to commerce Balance 50,000 students doing graduation in the hope of getting employed are the one’s who are really trapped in the traditional education system which just gives them a degree without Knowledge, Skill, Experience. It is high time that we understand that a student who put’s in his trust upon the education system by investing so many resources being time, money, energy etc.. should be rewarded in such a way that he should be self dependent upon completion of his education.

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