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Essential Job Readiness Skills For B

In India, unemployment is a big issue. Hence, it is extremely important to develop skills that are useful while you are looking for a job or you are doing a job. Fresh graduates face lots of problems these days because they lack certain skills and experience. Usually, an organization will look for an experienced employee rather than a fresh graduate because the experienced candidate will have skills that are tailor-made/job-ready

Lulla School of Commerce and Finance believes in inculcating job readiness skills in the students and not just providing them with a degree after B.Com. The Indian market has always demanded well-skilled professionals from B.Com background. Especially after GST, the demand for B.Com professionals has increased. The Indian market’s scenario has changed and employers no longer look for just graduates, they want someone who thinks beyond debits and credits.

Freshers are expected to have skill sets that are essential for the job. B.Com graduates should have good knowledge of accounting software. They should have advanced level knowledge of excel, how to create charts and graphs, its functions and formulas. They should be able to take important decisions for the business by evaluating reports. They are expected to read and understand the financial statements of the company and do the needful.

Essential skills for B.Com students are as follows:

Numeracy skills

To get a job in any commerce related field, you will need numerical skills. You might be knowing there is an aptitude test before an interview for jobs in finance, tax department, and banking. Numeracy skills are essential for B.Com students because they have to constantly deal with numbers. You should be able to solve real-life problems with the use of numbers.

Communications skills

Communication skills are essential in every field and every sphere of life. Communication skills let you convey your thoughts and expression in the best way possible way. You may have to deal with other clients and then report back to your superior. Same way, your superior may want to convey a message to the clients. In every aspect, communication skills are a must.


You cannot achieve bigger goals for the organization alone. You are required to work in a team. When you work in a team the bonding gets better with other employees. You develop feelings of oneness and belongingness. This increases your chances of doing well personally. Teamwork is an important skill for overall development.

Problem-solving ability

Problem-solving ability is a must for a commerce graduate. Anywhere you go, you will be dealing with problems and it will most probably be unexpected ones. That is when your problem-solving ability comes handy. You are supposed to give a logical and practical solution to the problem. You will have to figure things out in no time and you will have limited resources to use.

Leadership skills

Employers look to hire people with good leadership skills. These skills are essential because even if you are working in a team, you will have to lead and take responsibility for your work and sometimes others too. Employers will not want someone who is a lone wolf. The corporate world is all about team management and leadership skills. 

Planning and organising

This is a very important skill as it makes your work easier and more fun. Planning and organising your work means managing your workload, setting project timelines and deadlines. It will give you an idea of what you are supposed to do. Commerce students have to deal with a lot of tasks daily and hence, it is essential to develop this skill to make your work easier. 

Management skills

Management skills are a must. Whether it’s team management or self-management is a very important skill in the workplace. Team management includes encouraging teammates, motivating them, solving conflicts, managing discipline, planning, organising and dividing the work, and much more. Self-managements also crucial, it includes doing your work without someone having a check on you, completing work before deadlines, and making sure that all the work is done and submitted on time.

Apart from all these skills, B.Com graduates should be having good analytical thinking, expertise in MS excel, time management, and organizational skills. The development of these basic skills is very important for B.Com students. These skills are not developed in a day or two, it takes time to develop these skills by performing specific activities.

Lulla School of Commerce and Finance is the best commerce institute in Vadodara and we make sure that students indulge in activities that develop job readiness skills in them. We assign students practical and specific tasks that are helpful to them in the future. We also provide internships for B.Com students. We believe in giving practically oriented learning to the students. The mission of Lulla School of Commerce and Finance is to create a workforce that is having an excellent skill set that is provided under our programs that in turn lead to the economic development of the country.  

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