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General Guidelines


Parents and Students on registering for any course at LULLA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE are expected to follow the below given rules and regulations.

  1. Parents must send their children to the class regularly and on time without fail.
  2. Parents must send a Leave note with the child if the child has remained absent from class for any reason.
  3. Students remaining absent from class for more than 2/3 days must furnish a written Leave Note and parents must visit the center  personally.
  4. Any special requests/feedback/suggestions must be done only in writing to the Administrator LSCF.
  5. Students are expected to progress satisfactorily (i.e. do regular class  assignment and homework).
  6. Students must attend the classes & test series regularly.
  7. Student must maintain strict discipline in and around the class premises. Defaulters in discipline may be restricted from attending regular sessions of the institute. Decision of the Administrator shall be final and binding.
  8. Parents may contact for performance feedback and counseling of student only with prior appointment.
  9. The Institute reserves right to deny / cancel admission of student, without assigning any reason whatsoever/ or for any kind of misconduct or misbehavior whatsoever.
  10. The Institute is not responsible for theft or loss of personal property any kind, in and around the class premises, including cycles / vehicles / Mobile phones /or belongings of any kind.
  11. Mobile phones /gadgets or any other material which may potentially distract the normal class from functioning is strictly NOT allowed in the class premises.
  12. The Institute management may confiscate any such material as mentioned in rule 11 and withhold it till such time it deems fit.
  13. Parents are advised not to allow students to use two wheelers for their own safety. LSCF shall not be responsible for any loss /damage /theft to vehicles or caused by vehicles to students, or otherwise.
  14. The Management reserves the right to change / modify / update the Fee structure of any Batch without prior notice.
  15. Parents are expected to pay the fees before due date to avoid late fee charges.
  16. All students registered with LSCF are expected to Read, Understand and follow the above Rules & Regulations and as currently in force, or as changed from time to time.