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Professionalism in India – Misunderstood

Professionalism in India-Misunderstood-Lulla School of Commerce and Finance

THINK??? Is it necessary to do a stressful Professional course like CA or CS if you want to be a true professional or to successful in the field of commerce education…?

Instead of doing such stressful professional courses like CA and CS. Can’t your GRADUATION be done PROFESSIONALLY in a stress-free manner…?

Why cannot there be a Professional B.Com program?

Is it just to call yourself an on the paper professional you need to do courses like CA, CS and spend your parents hard earned money and your never returnable valuable time for years along with encountering such a huge quantum of stress at such a young age?

In fact, professionalism should be injected into a student through the education life cycle and courses unlike CA and/or CS course which only emphasize on knowledge rather than professionalism.

Remember one needs to be a professional in real/practical sense and not just paper professional who presents himself to be one by doing a professional course.

Professional is not just a tag which can be achieved through an educational course like CA and fact it’s a feeling which one starts to feel over a period of time.

Professionalism needs to practiced and not to be studied.

Have you ever observed that there is a significant difference between an Indian educated person and someone who has taken education from abroad? Why so?

The reason being that a person who has studied abroad even though may have done a simple course will seem to be far more professional compared to a person who has done a professional course in India.

And this is one of the SAD reason that people rush abroad to take their higher education.

If we analyze, parents always say that ‘Agar Mera baccha Foreign jayega to uski puri personality change ho jayegi’..what do they mean to say?

In fact, they are talking about professionalism which is inherent in the foreign education culture.

Sorry to say but What We INDIANS fail to understand that professionalism is an attitude which needs to be inculcated in our day to day activities and it’s not just a tag which can be achieved by taking education.

Hence there always will be this question asked in INDIA.

Are educated professionals truly professional? Do they understand that they are on national duty, Which in fact is a major part of understanding towards required professionalism?

Also what about all the parents who may or may be not educated professionals, Do they have the maturity to understand their own professional responsibility towards their child’s career??

The most tragic part to be worried about is that every parent wants their child to be an educated professional without understanding the meaning of professionalism. The hard-core fact which cannot be denied in any sense is that such expectation is a reflection of utmost UNPROFESSIONALISM.

Prof. Hardik Kotecha Professionally Signing off in a disquietude even after 10 years of teaching experience in INDIA

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