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Selection of Educational Course-Critical Evaluation Required!!

Selection of Educational Course-Critical Evaluation Required-LSCF-Vadodara

Do we shop our clothes or shoes without checking the size, Comfort, colour and it’s feel or just go with the brand name without going for a trail?

Similarly when it comes to selection of a Educational course / stream there must be 8 factors which one needs to consider before selecting a proper one.

Following are the 8 important factors.

1) Level of Knowledge:
There are different levels of knowledge and every educational course definitely has a defined level of it, but the area of concern is that whether that knowledge is sufficient enough to make a person competent in a specific domain. Domain specific knowledge is the key to real success. There are very few courses which give the student the liberty to select the area which the want to expertise into. Hence one needs to find a Course which gives such opportunities which eventually expedete your career.

2) Skill Sets-practical learning:
Knowing to ride a cycle is very much different to riding a cycle, hence Education should have equal emphasis on to making one learn to ride a cycle and well as make him practice the same. Most of the courses in India lack the practical training component, which makes the Education just a mere fulliment of a tradition rather then help to make sucessfull career out of it. Hence it is very important to understand that one does the course which you prefer to do helps you develope and groom the necessary Skill sets.

3) On JOB training-Internships:
As it is rightly said that you don’t know untill you do, hence it is very much necessary for a student to actually work and fine tune the skill sets which he has acquired. One can understand it in such a way that one needs to first practice cycling in house corridor for preparing himself to face the on road traffic. Internships shall make you fairly confident to face the ground reality of the work atmosphere. Hence one should prefer courses which provides internships.

4) Personality Enhancement:
Education should make you a complete professional. Personality means the way you speak, how you speak and how much you speak. It’s is the way you present yourself. In this Mordern Era one needs to understand that personality development cannot be a separate time consuming process which one can do it after you education is completed. INFACT the courses should be such that it has this personality enhancement totally Integrated in to it by the way of giving students the opportunity to give regular presentation, pracipating in Group discussions, doing public speaking etc.

Holistic approach towards Career development is the game changer in the Competative atmosphere.

5) Value of the Degree Provided:
Even Knowledge and Skill sets are the most important Components of a Successful Career in substance but in form still it is the degree which you get upon completion of your education is of utmost relevence. It defines your level of achievement even it doesn’t reflect the depth of the content knowledge or the doesn’t justify the required skill sets. HENCE one needs to very well check out the value of Degree for which all the important resources are being invested.

6) JoB prospects upon Completion-JOB assurance:
As the end result of any education should be employability, One needs to be quite assured while selecting a course that upon completion he shall end up having a JOB or may be he should be able to a business in the relevant feild which he desired while selecting that particular course. Usually Students after completion of a particular course start worring about the employbility part which end up being a very stress full situation. Hence it is very important to initially visualise the employbility factor before considering a particular course.

7) Time and Cost Involved:
This is one of the most crucial factor which usually one does not given much importance. One needs to do a Cost benefit analysis keeping in mind the time invested. One needs to understand that this factor has direct co-relation to the Stress levels of a student. Hence one needs to critically evaluate the intended course on this front and then decide whether it is worth investing the resources.

8) Possibility Multiple Degrees at the Same time:
The concept of multiple degree or multiple qualification is speeding up real time. One needs to even keep doing the relevant courses even after one gets employed. This also helps in being a step ahead of the counterparts. Hence one shlould be constantly evaluating this option and grab the best suitable opportunity to keep adding qualification/degree.

I would recommend for all the above mentioned factors one should get the evaluation done form a expert as well experience person in the field of education. It should be understood in such a way that if you take a Doctor’s advice for your health the you should also take a Expert Counselor advice for your Education.

Sometimes we do the medication ourselves for basic health issues but if it’s a serious health issue we definitely visit a Doctor. In the same way if you are serious with you Education the you should definitely prefer a Expert advice over home remedies.

Even at times a second opinion is required !!

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