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Vision of our Directors

Vision of our Commerce Coaching Institute – LSCF

Skilled Professionals are the backbone of any successful business enterprise. Our Education system must aim at churning out individuals whose skills are relevant to the current needs of the industry.
Dev Lulla

Dev Lulla  Director 


  • To bring about a shift in the traditional education system by giving emphasis on Tactic (VALUE & SKILL) based Knowledge rather than just Explicit (book based) Knowledge.
  • To make students Self Dependent right from their early teens, in all important aspects of their life, such as career, employment, finance, decision making, etc.
  • To create a sense of security in each student, based on building confidence on the development of intelligence, irrespective of their academic record.
  • To train every student on how to handle pressure with pleasure.


  • To integrate Tactic knowledge with Explicit knowledge in such a way that it shall be looked upon as a benchmark in the field of education.
  • To solve the burning issue of educated unemployment – India’s greatest concern.
  • To create a workforce which is easily employable based on their values, skills & training imparted under our programs, which shall in turn lead to the economic development of the country.
  • To make the Indian education system dynamic & easily adaptable to the ever changing global scenario in sync with technological advancements.

Hardik Kotecha, Director